30 terms


school district
Provides public education, sanitation within limited geographical area
dedicated fund
Dedicated to mandatory spending on programs like health care
progressive taxation
Higher tax burden on people with higher incomes
matching funds
Federal money going to state
Robin Hood policy (as it pertains to Texas)
Wealthy districts transfer fund to poorer districts to equalize
Why are Texas counties so important?
Vast with huge areas sparsely populated
In Texas, what is the name of the officer who presides over the country commissioners' court?
County judge
List 3 functions of county government
1. Road and bridge
2. Enforce laws
3. Dispute resolution
Who serves legal papers at the precinct level of a county?
Who is the chief law enforcement officer in the county government?
Who prepares the budget in large texas counties?
County auditor
What is the most important social service provided by counties?
Emergency welfare assistance
What is the main difference between a home rule city and a general law city?
General law cities/localities for areas less than 5,000
Where is the mayor-council form of government most common?
Smaller general law cities
What is an at-large election?
Officials selected by voters of entire geographical are, rather than from smaller districts within area
What is the chief financial officer for a city called?
City comptroller
What is the most rapidly proliferating form of local government in Texas?
Special districts
What is the main difference between a special district and a county?
Special-single service
Why is flood control managed through special districts?
Multi county flood problems
How are most special districts in Texas administered?
Boards elected by voters
What are the main sources of revenue for special districts in Texas?
1. Property taxes
2. User fee
3. Hidden government
What form of taxation is NOT used in Texas?
Who is responsible for the collection of taxes and other state revenues?
Comptroller of public accounts
What type of budget does the Texas legislature write?
Biannual/2 years
Why do Texas budgets not run into debt?
Pay as you go balanced budget
What limits does the Texas constitution place on welfare spending?
No more than 1% of state budget
What are the two most important agencies or offices responsible for preparing the Texas state budget?
1) house appropriations committee
2) senate finance committee
What is the greatest source of revenue for Texas?
List one common criticism of TAKS testing
Too much teaching to the test
What is the most costly state service in Texas?