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Creates a board of colored sticky notes that can be moved and rearranged. Use the pen to organize sticky notes for a KWL, Venn Diagram, or Gallery Walk.

Popplet Lite

Unlimited uses. Create timelines, plot maps, Frayer models, etc... Popplets allow for images, text, and drawing.


Screen-casting app allows users to import an image background or use the blank canvas and truly explain anything with annotation and audio. Video is published at a random url with no login. Ability to download video as an mp4.

Inspiration Maps Lite

Lite version provides 3 templates for pre-writing and brainstorming. Completed Maps can be mailed or saved to photo roll.


Annotate maps, images, websites, etc... with text, shapes, and drawing.


Create unlimited Pros & Cons charts. Pros & Cons can be weighted on a scale of 1-10. Perfect for pre-writing!


Create step-by-step guides that include photos, videos, and up to 200 text characters. Snapguides can also be accessed online.

Puppet Pals

Create puppet shows to summarize court cases, explain a math problem or scientific concept, and much more. Shows can be emailed or saved to photo roll. The Director's Pass upgrade allows users to import their own backgrounds and puppets.


Perfect for note-taking and creating your own books. Includes pen, text, and photo options. Multiple options for exporting: Email Book with PDF, Print, Save to Photo Album, etc...


Create your own 50 second professional video on any topic. Video includes photos, video panning, and narration. Multiple exporting options are available.

Doodle Buddy

Create scenes, poetry, annotations, etc...

PaperPort Notes

Annotate PDF's and take notes using text, sticky notes, images, pen, highlighting, and audio recordings. Share notes via email, Google Docs, Dropbox, Docs Folder, or Open in another app.

QR Beamer

Enter in up to 4,296 characters of text (including urls). App will generate a QR code on the device that can be scanned or beamed.

Flashcards* (Flashcardlet)

Create and study using your own decks of cards or download decks from Quizlet.

Scribble Press

Create a multi-page book from template or from scratch. Multiple features to add text, images, and annotations. Publishing requires a login. You can send to iBooks.

Geometry Pad

Plot points and graph objects (calculates area, perimeter, etc...) and save images and workshop.

Visual Poet

Create a 3 panel poem including images and text panels with a full text description.

iMotion HD

Create a stop-motion video to culminate or capture a project or lab. Also perfect for digital storytelling.

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard

Create a postcard using one of Bill's inspiring HD images or your own. Include text, stickers and a stamp and email it off. Consider creating a postcard as an exit ticket or to summarize a project or even writing a postcard to your future or past self.

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