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  • ocean current
    a movement of ocean water that follows a regular pattern
  • surface current
    a horizontal movement of ocean water that is caused by wind and that occurs at or near the ocean's surface
  • Coriolis effect
    the apparent curving of the path of a moving object from an otherwise straight path due to the Earth's rotation
  • deep current
    a streamlike movement of ocean water far below the surface
  • upwelling
    the movement of deep, cold, and nutrient rich water to the surface
  • El Nino
    a change in the water temperature in the Pacific Ocean that produces a warm current
  • La Nina
    a change in the eastern Pacific Ocean in which the surface water temperature becomes unusually cool
  • wave crest
    the highest point of a wave
  • wave trough
    the lowest point of a wave
  • undertow
    a subsurface current that is near shore and that pulls objects out to sea
  • tsunami
    a giant ocean wave that forms after a volcanic eruption, submarine earthquake, or landslide
  • high tide
    occurs on the part of Earth that is closest to the moon when water bulges toward the moon as well as on the opposite side of the Earth
  • low tide
    when water is drawn away from the area between the high tides
  • spring tide
    a tide of increased range that occurs two times a month, at the new and full moons
  • neap tide
    a tide of minimum range that occurs during the first and third quarters of the moon