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Long term consequences of alcohol abuse?

Interfere with job performance
Problems with legal authorities

Biological symptoms of alcohol abuse?

Cirrhosis of the liver
Heart problems
Various forms of cancer
Nutritional disturbances

Short term effects of nicotine?

Increases in heart rate/blood pressure
Stimulates release of norepinephrine producing CNS arousal
Release of dopamine in the mesolimbic dopamine pathway

Mesolimbic dopamine pathway?

Reward system of brain

Physiological long term consequences of nicotine?

Muscle tremors

Most important long term consequence of nicotine?

Lung disease

Psychomotor stimulants?

Produce their effects by stimulating the actions of certain neurotransmitters

Short term consequences of amphetamine and cocaine?

Irregular heartbeat
Irritable mood

Long term consequences of amphetamine and cocaine?

Onset of psychosis
Disruption of social roles


Drugs that have properties similar to those of opium

Short term consequences of opiates?

Mood changes

Long term consequences of opiates?

Neglection of housing, nutrition, & health care

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