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Function of the Cardiovascular System

To transport materials to and from all of the cells in the body: oxygen and carbon dioxide, nutrients, hormones, immune system components, and waste products.

Components of the Cardiovascular System

Is a circulating transport system that includes: a pump (heart), a conducting system (the blood vessels), and a fluid medium (the blood).

Gross Anatomy of the Heart

Located deep to the sternum and slightly to the left, great blood vessels are at its base, pointed tip to the left is the apex, surrounded by pericardial sac that prevents fiction between the heart and surrounding structure as the heart moves with each heart beat.

Right Atrium

Collects low oxygen blood from the upper and lower body via the superior and inferior vena cava.


Blood comes back to the heart and mostly carries low oxygen.


Blood goes away from the heart and mostly carries high oxygen.

Right Ventricle

Pumps low oxygen blood to the lungs via the right and left pulmonary arteries.

Left Atrium

Collects high oxygen blood from the lungs via the right and left pulmonary veins.

Left Ventricle

Pumps high oxygen blood to the body via the aorta.

Left Ventricle

Is larger, thicker muscle, and more powerful.

Circulations (Circuits) of the Cardiovascular System

Systemic circuit and Pulmonary circuit.

Systemic circuit

Carries blood between the heart and the body.

Pulmonary circuit

Carrie blood between the heart and lungs.

Left Coronary Artery:

It branches into anterior interventricular artery and the circumflex artery, and it supplies the anterior and left regions of the heart.

Right Coronary Artery:

It branches into posterior interventricular artery and marginal artery, and it supplies the posterior and right regions of the heart.

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