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Costa's Signal words and definitions

Level 1 question

The answer can be found in the text (either directly or indirectly). This type of question is very concrete and pertains only to the text.

Level 2 question

The answer can be inferred from the text. Usually not exactly from the text.

Level 3 question

Answer goes beyond the text. This type of question is abstract and does not pertain to the text.

Level 1 signal word

Define- to set forth the meaning of

Level 1 signal word

Describe- give a detailed account

Level 1 signal word

Identify-Give the name or identifying characteristics of something

Level 1 Signal word

List- to write down informaton in an organized way

Level 1 Signal word

name-give or make a list of

Level 1 Signal word

Observe-Perceive by paying careful attention; see; notice; watch

Level 1 Signal word

Recite-Repeat given information

Level 1 Signal word

Scan- To examine closely

Level 2 Signal word

Analyze- to look at something carefully by attention to its parts

Level 2 Signal word

Compare- examine and note the similarities or differences of

Level 2 Signal word

contrast-the act of distinguishing by comparing differences

Level 2 Signal word

group-Combine multiple ideas together into one unit.

Level 2 Signal word

Infer-To use available evidence to form a conclusion

Level 2 Signal word

Sequence-put in the right order

Level 2 Signal word

Synthesize- to combine ideas

Level 3 Signal word

Apply-use an idea, equation, principle, theory or law in a new situation

Level 3 Signal word

Evaluate- Examine and judge carefully.

Level 3 Signal word

Hypothesize- to reach a conclusion based on an assumption

Level 3 Signal word

Imagine-form ideas or mental pictures

Level 3 Signal word

Judge-to form an opinion about someone or something

Level 3 Signal word

Predict-give an expected result

Level 3 Signal word

Speculate-to consider, contemplate, theorize

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