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  1. magnify
  2. orgen
  3. chlroplast
  4. convex lens
  5. microscope
  1. a make large
  2. b an organelle found only in plants
  3. c a collection of tissue
  4. d a curved lens in which the center is thicker than the edges
  5. e An instrument that makes small objects look larger.

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  1. a surface made by cutting across something,
  2. the area that is visible
  3. what you see as a resolt
  4. A lens that is thinner in the center than at the edges
  5. a green substance found in the chloroplasts of plants

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  1. nucleusbrain of a cell


  2. microscopyAn instrument that makes small objects look larger.


  3. cell wallstrong layer around the cell membrane


  4. organellea collection of tissue


  5. tissuegroup of similar cells that perform a particular function


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