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Chapter 2

define:cultural awareness

knowing about the similarities & differences among cultures

define: cultural sensitivity

being aware of the needs & feelings of your own culture and of other cultures

define: cultural competence

set of practice skills,knowledge, & attitudes

define: ethnocentrism

interpreting the beliefs & behavior of other in term of one's own cultural vaules & traditions

define: stereotypes

oversimplified conceptions,opinions,or beliefs about some aspect of a group of people

define: prejudice

prejudegement or bias based on characteristics such as race,age,or gender

define: segregation

physical seperation of housing & services based on race

define: discrimination

unfair & unequal treatment or access to services based on race,culture or other bias

define: intercultural communication

when members if two or more cultures exchange messages in a manner that is influenced by their different cultural perceptions

define: cultural empathy

the ability to experiece "as" the client experiences rather than "how" they expeirence themselves

define: acculturation

the modification of a groups's or individual's culture as a result of contact with another group

define: biocultural ecology

the assessment of skin color and biologic variations

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