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Chapter 24 South Africa

What was apartheid?
a system that limited black rights and made it illegal for different races to mix
What are "Afrikaners?"
the dutch farmers that became known as Boers that spoke Afrikaans and later became known as the Afrikaners
South Africa is the world's largest producer of?
Who was Nelson Mandela? How long was he in prison?
he was the first black president of S. Africa
he was also one of the persons that stood up against Apartheid
27 years
Which two countries are enclaves in Southern Africa?
Lesotho and Swaziland
What instrument is used to communicate?
The Talking Drum
What is significant about Zimbabwe current leader?
Their President Mugabe was voted worst dictator by Parade magazine in 2009
What percent of the population has HIV/AIDS?
What did the British name Zimbabwe?
Why is land being redistributed?
Land is being redistributed because centuries ago the Africans owned the land and the Europeans took it from them so the Africans want it back now from the Europeans ancestors that own it now but this is starting problems
75% of Botswana`s income is from?
Who did they gain Namibia independence from? When did they gain independence?
gained independence from South Africa in 1990
Why do many tourists visit Namibia?
to sand board on huge dunes
What is Botswana official language? What is the most common language (besides the official)?
Official Language is English
Most common is Setswana
Which natural disaster often kills many in Mozambique?
What letter is Mozambique shaped like?
Y shaped
What is Mozambique official language?
Madagascar produces the most what in the world?
Vanilla Beans
How has slash-and-burn farming affected Madagascar?
its affected by 80% of the island has been slashed and burned
What is Madagascar's main cash crop?
What is significant about the plants and animals in Madagascar?
has many plants and animals found nowhere else in the world
Most people on Comoros work as?
What are Seychelles main cash crops?
Coconuts and Cinnamon
Most people in Mauritius are from which ethnic group?
Which country is made up of 86 islands?
low, flat areas; glitter when water evaporates
steep face at the edge of a plateau