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Mecator Projection

shows extreme distortions
ex: Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland appear huge

Robinson Projection

areas, shapes, distance, or direction isnt accurate; cartographers use this projection.

Fuller Projection

keeps land masses accurate in shape and size but rearranges direction

Peter's Projection

keeps land masses at an accurate size

Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things.

What is the first law of geography?


how a "thing" moves over space
ex: technology


thing or process being spread stays in it's origin while being spread


transmitted over space b/c people who carry it are close to each other.
ex: common cold


transmission from one place to another.
ex: music adapted to places of high level interaction first then makes it way across the country

Peripheral locations

Where have factories in MDCs started to locate?

Site & Situation Factors

Why were factories located in cities?

find land suitable for manufacturing

Cities found it difficult to __ __ __ ___ ___.

Modern factory

type of factory most likely in suburban or rural areas

South & West

Manufacturing shifted toward where in the US?


Manufacturing jobs grew by __/__ in the 1970s.

government policies to reduce historical disparities

Idustrial growth in south was stimulated by __ ___ __ ___ ___ ____.

Right to work law

requires a factory to maintain a so-called "open-shop" and prohibits a "closed shop".

organize factories, collect dues, bargain with employees

The right to work law made it difficult to do three things. Name them.

1920 South California

Aircraft manufacturing began when & where?

Los angeles

U.S.'s largest area of clothing & textile production


country w/ most rapid manufacturing growth since the late twentieth century


Spain's leading industrial region


leading new industrial country

80%, 20%

Steel production during 1980's.

45%, 55%

Steel production from 1980-2005.

low cost labor and largest market for many consumer products

China's two principal assets to manufacturing are?

Hong Kong, Yangtze River valley, Guangdong

China's manufacturing is clustered where?

Mexico & Brazil

leading industrial center in Latin America

Labor & proximity to market

Central Europe offers 2 important site & situation factors. Name them.


union & company may not negotiate a contract that requires worker to join a union

Closed shop

company & union agree that everyone must join the union to work in the factory.


factories built by U.S. company in Mexico near the U.S. border to take advantage of low labor cost in Mexico.

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