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DEP2004C Final Exam

Arrests are more likely to occur among adolescents who are:
European Americans rather than Asian Americans.
Which parenting style is least effective during adolescence?
Ms. Kincaid, a new high-school math teacher, wants to appreciate her students and the impact of peer influence on a deeper level. A colleague explains that two concepts are helpful in achieving a better understanding:
peer selection and peer facilitation.
What is the most frequently abused drug among North American teenagers?
An adolescence-limited offender is someone who:
stops committing crimes by adulthood.
Bickering between parents and teenagers:
usually concerns clothes and personal habits.
Approximately 1 in _____ adolescent girls is affected by clinical depression.
Suicidal ideation is more common in:
girls than in boys.
Eva is about to become a teenage mother. Based on recent research, she and her child will better handle the situation if her parents:
are supportive but do not assume complete care for her child.
Many adolescents' interest in national politics today has prompted them to:
vote for the person and not for the party.
Which of the following statistics is true?
Teen girls in the United States are more likely to become pregnant than those in Japan or Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Cortina have discovered that their son has been skipping classes and cutting school with a group of boys. Which of the following is most likely true?
Their son chose this group because he shares their interests.
Enrique strongly believes that males should always be the ones to ask females out on dates. He believes that if a man accepts an invitation for a date from a girl it makes him a sissy. This is an expression of Enrique's:
gender identity.
Identify the adolescent who appears to be experiencing identity diffusion:
Zachary, who spends most of his time just hanging out and seems apathetic about life
Drug use before the age of ______ is the best predictor of later drug use.
Adolescence is known as a time when young people distance themselves from the values and behaviors of older people. Which of the following statements is true regarding this behavior?
Adolescents who feel valued by their communities and their elders are less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors.
The most effective sex education programs begin:
before high school.
Mary is an adolescent. According to Erikson, her new identity will be established by choosing:
some parental and societal values and abandoning others.
During an identity moratorium, adolescents typically:
attempt to fill the role they are in, but consider it temporary.
The abstinence-only sex-education program that was widely promoted in the United States in 1998 resulted in:
no significant impact in sexual activity by teenagers.
Death typically occurs how long after the first signs of Alzheimer appear?
10 to 15 years
Vascular dementia is caused by:
insufficient supply of blood to the brain.
Autopsies show the brains of Alzheimer victims:
have a proliferation of plaques and tangles.
The chief reason the elderly have difficulty in getting enough nutrients is the:
reduced efficiency of the digestive system.
The average life expectancy for men is ______ years, for women ______ years.
75; 81
Multi-infarct dementia may be prevented by:
regular physical exercise.
What percent of the United States population is over age 65?
When Alzheimer disease appears in middle age, it:
progresses more rapidly.
The overall slowdown in cognitive abilities in the days or months before death is referred to as:
terminal decline.
In Schaie's Seattle Longitudinal Study, the cognitive decline of late adulthood was most evident in which of the following?
processing speed.
Where is an elderly person most likely to prefer to live?
his or her own home .
The requirement for membership in AARP is that the person must be:
Over 50
According to research, positive emotions in the elderly are correlated with:
feeling recognized for their accomplishments.
Today, most never-married older adults are:
happy and active.
Self theories emphasize:
The core self.
Which of the following is true of selective optimization with compensation?
It involves older adults figuring out how to accomplish what they want despite their limitations.
Which of the following older adults is likely to be most lonely?
Barney, who has lost two wives in six years
The theory that each person experiences the changes of late adulthood and behaves towards others in ways that are consistent with their behavior in earlier periods of life is:
continuity theory.
The antithesis of disengagement theory is:
Activity theory.
Compared to younger couples, older couples in long-term marriages:
are closer.
An elderly woman who seeks to integrate her unique personal experiences with the future of her community is in Erikson's stage of:
integrity versus despair.
Companionate grandparents are:
independent and autonomous.
What percentage of older adults volunteer in political campaigns?
Which of the following is a program for continuing education for the elderly in the United States?
The fact that European-American elderly are more likely to own homes than are African-American elderly is of particular concern to which stratification theory?
stratification by ethnicity.
Most contemporary grandparents in the United States prefer which role?
Who is most likely to be the healthiest and happiest at age 70?
Annette, who is living with her husband.
Theories that describe the ways in which societies place people on a particular life path are called:
Stratification theories.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of those over the age of 65 who are still in the work force is:
21 percent of men and 13 percent of women.