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a muscle that draws a body part inward


a muscle that draws a body part outward


to bend a joint


to ope or straighten out, unbend


support the abdomen wall

biceps brachii

flexes forearm at elbow (bends forearm)

biceps femoris

flexes leg at the knee (also called hamstring)


thick triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint, used to raise arm from the side


largest, most prominent muscle of the calf of the leg, the action of which extends the foot

gluteus maximus

extends hip, for standing up

latissimus dorsi

adduction of the humerus, runs from vertebrae to humerus


muscle in cheek that closes lower jaw when chewing

pectoralis major

adducts humerus, moves shoulder, deep breathing

quadriceps femoris

extends and rotates femur, straightens the leg


flexes hip and knee, bends leg, longest muscle in body

tibialis anterior

flexes foot for walking


elevates scapula (lifts shoulder)

triceps brachii

extends forearm at elbow (straightens arm)


responsible for movement of bones, heart, and the inner linings of some organs

more than 600

how many muscles in body


muscles are connected to bones by tough connective tissue called


muscles that you move


muscles that you don't move - you have no control - they move on their own

cardiac muscle

heart muscle

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