Restorative Arts Study Guide

50 terms by mikeholbrooks

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to bluntly adjoin another structure; for example, the line of eye closure.

Alveolar processes

a bony ridge found on the inferior surface of the Maxilla and the superior surface of the Mandible which contains the sockets for the teeth.


a material or technique employed to secure tissues or restorative materials in a fixed position; an armature.

Aquiline nasal profile

curved, as the beak of an eagle; as viewed from the profile, a nasal profile which exhibits a "hook" or convexity in its dorsum.

Bridge stitch

a temporary suture consisting of individually cut and tied stitches employed to sustain the proper position of tissues.

Bucco-facial sulcus

the vertical furrow of the cheek; an acquired facial marking.

Cauterizing agent

a chemical capable of drying tissues by searing; caustic.


the eyelashes.

Concave-convex profile

a facial profile variation in which the forehead protrudes beyond the eyebrows while the chin recedes from the plane of the upper lip.

Concave profile

a basic facial profile form in which the forehead protrudes beyond the eyebrows while the chin protrudes beyond the plane of the upper lip (e.g. infantine, retrousse, and least common).

Concave-vertical profile

a facial profile variation in which the forehead protrudes beyond the eyebrows while the upper lip and chin project equally to an imaginary vertical line.


the concave shell of the ear; the deepest depression of the ear.

Convex nasal profile

a nasal profile which exhibits a hump in its linear form. e.g. Roman, aquiline.

Convex profile

a basic profile form in which the forehead recedes from the eyebrows while the chin recedes from the plane of the upper lip (most common).

Firm wax

(wound filler) the most viscous type of wax; a putty-like material used to fill large cavities or model features.

First degree burn

(hyperemia) an injury caused by heat which produces redness of the skin.


a depression; a concavity.

Frontal eminences

paired, rounded, unmargined prominences of the frontal bone found approximately one inch beneath the normal hairline.


(a wrinkle) a crevice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elevations.


a single bony prominence of the frontal bone located between the superciliary arches in the inferior part of the frontal bone above the root of the nose.


a nasal profile form in which the dorsum exhibits a straight line from the root to the tip; a straight nasal profile.


an elongated depression in a relatively level plane or surface.


the outer rim of the ear.

Hypodermic injection

the insertion of chemicals directly into the tissues through the use of a syringe and needle.

Hypodermic tissue building

the injection of special creams or liquids into the tissues through the use of a syringe and needle to restore natural contour.

Inferior palpebral sulcus

the furrow of the lower attached border of the inferior palpebra; an "acquired" facial marking.

Integumentary lips

superiorly, the skin portion of the upper lip from the attached margin of the upper mucous membrane to the base of the nose; and inferiorly, the skin portion of the lower lip from the attached margin of the lower mucous membrane to the labiomental sulcus.


existing in a high degree of brilliance; vivid.

Interciliary sulci

the vertical or transverse furrows between the eyebrows; "acquired" facial markings.

Interrupted suture

see bridge stitch.

Intertragic notch

a notch or opening between the tragus and the antitragus of the ear.

Intradermal suture

(a hidden stitch) a type of suture used to close incisions in such a manner that the ligature remains entirely under the epidermis.

Inverted triangle

a three sided figure whose base is superior to its apex; when used to describe a frontal-view geometric headshape, a head which is wide at the forehead and narrow at the jaw.


the inferior border of the mandible.

Labiomental sulcus

the junction of the lower integumentary lip and the superior border of the chin, which may appear as a furrow; a natural facial marking.


to cut or tear into irregular segments.


an irregularly torn or jagged wound, ranging from superficial scratches to deep tears in the tissues.


oil from sheep wool.


a position or direction away from midline; to the side.


a nasal index common to individuals of Western European descent having a long, narrow, and high-bridge.

Levator anguli oris

a muscle of facial expression which elevates the angle of the mouth.

Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi

a muscle of facial expression which elevates the upper lip and dilates the nostril opening; the common elevator.

Levator labii superioris

a muscle of facial expression which elevates and extends the upper lip.

Levator palpebrae superioris

a muscle of facial expression which raises the upper eyelid.


to tie or bind using cord, wire, or thread.


thread, cord, or wire used for tying vessels, tissues, or bones.

Line of closure

the line that forms between two structures, such as the lips or the eyelids when in a closed position, which marks their place of contact with each other.

Lip brush

a small, flat brush having soft hairs of uniform length.

Lip wax

a soft restorative wax, usually tinted, used to surface the mucous membranes or to correct lip separations.

Liquid cosmetic

a fluid, colorant in which pigments are dissolved or suspended.

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