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  1. Bidirectionality
  2. why do we have families? (functions of family)
  3. parental socialization: 3 modes of influence
  4. influences impact of divorce: age of child
  5. Summary for functions of family
  1. a family structure and familial relationships have clear impact on child development. family dynamics are central and can overcome many potentially negative factors. Changing family structures do not appear to undermine what was traditionally though to be ideal ways to raise children
  2. b direct instructors, indirect socializers, providers and controllers of opportunities. All parents use these to socialize their children.
  3. c 1. survival of offspring, 2. economic training/function 3. cultural training
  4. d harder for younger children to understands, afraid of abandonment; older children have trouble with adjustment, especially if stepparent
  5. e parent-child interactions is the idea that parents affect children's characteristics, and vice versa. over time, this effect reinforces and perpetuates each party's behavior

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  1. girls in mother headed households;may become more resilient and self-reliant following divorce. High conflict marriages; it may be better to divorce than put children through the stress
  2. competent(social and acedemic). self-assured, self-reliant. popular with peers. exhibit control over their behavior. low in antisocial behavior and drug use
  3. lower in competence(social and academic). unhappy and unfriendly. low in self-confidence
  4. child's age--younger more easily accept stepparent. supportive stepparenting has positive impact. Girls have more trouble with stepparent than boys. Adjustment better when custodial parent is authoritative and when stepparent is warm and involved. Custodial parent's attitude towards stepparent
  5. 15.1%, 46.2 million people in poverty. African americans= 27.4%. Hispanics= 26.6%. Non-hispanic whites=9.9%. Asian American= 12.1%. Under 18=22%. more children in poverty than adults(13.7%) and seniors(9%)

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  1. stepfathers (NOT ON STUDY GUIDE)feel less close to stepchildren. tend to be polite at first(not disciplining or monitoring), but become distant and disengaged with time.more conflict between children and stepfather(bidirectional causes). Kids with stepfathers more prone to depression


  2. Sibling relationship: negative side (NOT ON STUDY GUIDE)sibling rivarly. parental differential treatment


  3. low socioeconomic statustalk more to kids, better communication between parent and child.


  4. Baumrind(1973) 4 parenting styles:varies greatly from family to family, and even from child to child in a given family


  5. Potential effects of divorce(low demandingness, low responsiveness). diengaged. low in demandingness and responsiveness. do not set limits or monitor child's behavior. focused on own needs rather than child's.