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Watson and Crick

Name the two scientists that built one of the first models of DNA.


Name the female scientist that determined DNA had a spiral shape using x-ray diffraction experiments.


Who discovered that the amount of adenine equals the amount of thymine, and amount of guanine equals cytosine?


Name the genetic structures are made up of DNA and protein.


Name the subunit of DNA.


A long strand of amino acids that are assembled at the ribosome.


Approximately, how many genes are found in one cell?


Approximately, how many different types of proteins are found in the human body?


Name the most common type of mutation that can occur in cells.


Name the type of mutation that occurs when an extra base is added.


Name the type of mutation that occurs when a base it left out.


Name the pentose sugar that is found in RNA.


Name the pentose sugar that is found in DNA.

incomplete dominance

How is pink flower color is inherited?

double stranded helix

How can you describe the shape of a DNA molecule?

sugar and phosphate

Name the two molecules that form the backbone of DNA.


The "rungs" of the DNA ladder are composed of nitrogenous ________________.


Name the "messenger" molecule involved in formation of a protein.


Name the "transfer" molecule involved in formation of a protein.

sickle cell anemia

Name the recessive genetic disease that affects the shape of red blood cells (RBCs).


In _______ breeding, organisms with certain traits are mated to produce offspring with desirable traits.


In genetic ___________, scientists transfer genes from one organism to another organism.

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