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20th Century Art

Two leaders of Cubism

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque

Who was the Romantic of Cubism

Pablo Picasso

Who was the Classical Master of Cubism

Gorges Braque

Two main types of Cubism

Analytic Cubism
Synthetic Cubism

Six main influence of Cubism

Early Spanish Sculpture
African Sculpture
Cezanne's concept of volume and space
Rejection of naturalism
Intuitive genius of Picasso
Deductive mind of Braque

Characteristics of Analytic Cubism

Drab color
Transparent plans
No conventional perspective
Fourth dimension in painting
Things are seen at more than one angle
Destroyed form

Characteristics of Synthetic Cubism

Bold color
Form and color act independently from one another

Leader of Synthetic Cubism

Juan Gris

The Blue Period

Picasso's period when his subjects were poor and rejected people

Characteristics of the Blue Period

Almost all background detail omitted
Color scheme is grayish-blue
Figures are frail and elongated

Famous Blue Period painting

The Old Guitarist

The Circus Period or Rose Period

Picasso's period were his subjects were still elongated and poor but live in a happier world

The Circus Period famous painting

Family of Acrobats with Ape

Neo-Primitive Period

Picasso's period which is inspired by African and Spanish sculpture

Famous Neo-Primitive painting

Les Demoiselles D'Avignon

Picasso's Analytic Cubism paintings

Seated Woman
Female Nude

Picasso's Synthetic Cubism Period

Picasso's period characterized by:
Restored but still distorted form
Color independent of the object

Synthetic Cubism famous painting

The New York Three Musicians
The Philadelphia Three Musicians

Picasso's Pencil Portraits

Period when Picasso drew realistic drawings with cubist over blocking of line

Famous Pencil Portrait

Drawing of Igor Stravinsky

Ballet Period

The period when Picasso designed sets, scenery and the curtain of a ballet

Neo-Classicisim Period

Influenced by:
Ancient Art
Picasso's marriage
Successful reputation
Rising Fortunes

Neo-Classicism Famous Painting

The Three Graces

Grotesque Distortion Period famous painting

The Three Dancers

Double Image Period famous painting

Girl Before a Mirror

Social Realism Period famous painting


Picasso was said to have how many art periods?


According to Picasso Guernica's bull stands for:

Brutality and Darkness

Guernica's horse represents

the people

Guernica's burning house stands for


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