40 terms

GEOG 1101 ch 9 and 6 key terms

the acquisition, by colonized peoples, of control over their own territory
democratic rule
a system in which public policies and officials are directly chosen by popular vote
international organization
group that includes two or more states seeking political or/and economic cooperation with each other
international regime
orientation of contemporary politics around the international arena instead of the national
uprising against Israel by the Palestinian people
group of people often sharing common elements of culture, such as religion or language or history or political identity
ideal form consisting of a homogeneous group of people governed by their own state
feeling of belonging to a nation as well as the belief that a nation has a natural right to determine its own affairs
new world order
triumph of capitalism over communism, wherein the US becomes the world's only superpower and therefore its policing force
right of a group with a distinctive politico-territorial identity to determine its own destiny, at least in part, through the control of its own territory
exercise of state power over people and territory, recognized by other states and codified by international law
delimited area over which a state exercises control and which is recognized by other states
lasted from 1948-1994; system of economic status correlated with race
-dutch (afrikaaner) word for apartness
Nelson Mandela
Morgan Freeman
first black president elected in 1994.
African National Congress
Mandela's party
Steve Biko
Boer War
from 1899-1902, British colonialists vs Afrikaaner farmers. British won, but fully incorporated Dutch into Union of South Africa
Sharpville Massacre
police opened fire against a peaceful protest against the pass laws, killed 69 people
June 16, 1976
Date of Soweto massacre
push factors, pull factors
push: civil unrest, famine, war, bad government
pull: better life elsewhere, family elsewhere
forced migration
when a group of people move or leave because they have no choice. ex) Roma in Kosovo
humane borders
humanitarian org from Arizona, track immigrant deaths, tries to educate Mexican people of desert dangers
House Bill 87
Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act
-check immigration papers at any and all times; traffic stops
-created panel of officials to overview all depts
-illegal to drive in car with illegal immigrant (BLOCKED)
mandated use of this system for business owners to check employees if they have 10+. very controversial
an intellectual and aesthetic openness toward divergent experiences, images, and products from different cultures
landscape as text
idea that landscapes can be read and written by groups and individuals
forward-looking view of the world that emphasizes reason, scientific rationality, creativity, novelty, and progress
post modernity
view of the world that emphasizes an openness to a range of perspectives in social inquiry, artistic expression, and political empowerment
sacred spaces
areas recognized by individuals or groups worthy of special attention as a site of special religious experiences or events
specific attachment of individuals or peoples to a specific location or territory
Middle Eastern city of great historic, cultural, religious importance to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity
Wailing Wall (Western Wall)
Part of the Temple Mount in the Old Jerusalem. The last remnant of the first Jewish Temple built in 1000 BC
Dome of the Rock
Part of the Temple Mount
Ottoman Empire
big empire
Balfour Declaration
British expression of sympathy with Jewish Zionism
push for a Jewish homeland
Sykes-Picot Agreement
British and French agreement to split up the land in ME they won in WWI
The Green Line
imaginary line around the territory the UN designated to the Jews. Everything outside the line is the "occupied territory"
Right of Return