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Baroque Finals

****"The Artist in His Studio (aka Allegory of the Art of Painting)," c. 1670-74

-most complex and personal estate we have of vermeers.
-largest of his interior scenes
-feeling of 3rd dimension
-costume is in 15th cent style to illustrate homage to renissance art (jan van dyke- flemish)
***"Girl With Turban," 1660-65 Or Girl with Pearl Earing

-neither signed or dated
****Jacob Van Ruisdael 1660 "The Jewish Cemetery"

-allegorical overtones
-pictorial allegory on death
-the decaying of human; endeavor what does survive at the end is nature.
***Willem Kalf 1653 " Still Life with Drinking Horn of S. Sebastian's Archer's Guild"

-renders light masterfully
-precise relationship in arrangment
-scientific and poetic at the same time
-ornamental elements of light
****Jan de Heem 1640 " Still Life with Parrots"

-this abundance comes from god's goodness and man's work
*****Rachel Ruysch 1703 " Flower Piece "

-grey background
- snails and moths incorporated
****Maria van Oosterwyck

-blue background
****Hendrick Avercamp 1585-1634 "Winter Landscape"

-winter scenes, not sunny scenes dominate the north
-developed an atmospheric style*
-becomes an important influence
- winter scenes his specialty*
George de la Tour 1640 "Mary Magdalenh"

-with skull. skull=symbol of mortality
Geroge del la Tour 1648 " S. Sebastian attended by S. Irene"

-classicism, but with a restraint
-considered his best work
-extreme simplification of form, glossiness, and almost stamped woodcut effect.
Simon Vouet 1640 " The Toilet of Venus"

-bolonese, classical style, vernici influence, carravagio, and cerachi.
***Louis le Nain 1640 " The Peasant Family"

-genre painters in france really show their restraint in genre paintings ( would have been very different if done by the Dutch )
-middle class interested in genre v.s classical/ myth scenes.
- sensitive painter
George de le Tour
"St Joseph the Carpenter" 1648
George de le Tour
" Cheat with ace of diamonds"
George de la Tour
"Sebastian St. Irene" 1648
Johann Liss
" Judith and Holoferenes"
The Little Mysteries of War and the Big Mysteries of War " The Hanging Tree"
by Jacques Callot 1620's
"Rape of the Sabines" Nicoloas Poussin 1636
Nicolas Poussin
"Sea Port" 1639
Claude Lorrain
" embarkation of s. ursula"
Nicolas Poussin
"landscape with st.john"
Nicolas Poussin
Robert's ruins
***The progress of Love
by Frogonard
The Bather's
The Queen of Sheba embarkation
Claude Lorraine
Clodion's "nymph and satyr"
Venus of the gods ( madame head)
seated cupid
***madonna with gold finch
***Lord Heathfell
Blue Boy
blue boy gainsborough
mrs. richard sheridan gainsborough
***Mr. and Mr.s Andrews Marraige Portrait
Emma Heart
George Romney
The game of love
***Nicolas Lancret
The Dance