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Energy does not have to involve motion


Energy is the ability to cause a change


Energy is the ability to cause change


when you ride a playground sing, your potential energy is greatest at the highest point


Chemical energy travels from the sun to Earth and is transformed into light energy by plants


As mass decreases. kinetic energy increases


Lowering an object decreases its potential energy


In a car engine, buring fuel produses heat. which causes gases to expand. producing kinetic energy


The sum of potential and kinetic energy in a system is called the total energy


As an object falls its potential energy is lost to the air around it


Carbohydrates and fats provide our bodies with energy in the form of calories


Energy from the sun and energy from food are just different forms of the same thing


Under certain conditions it is possible to get more work out of a machine than you put into it


Some machines do not multiply the force that is applied to them


In order for qork to be done on an object the object must move


Power equals work myltiplied by time


Mechandical advantage is always greater than 1


Energy cannot be changed from one variety to another


Gravitational potential energy is proportional to both mass and height above a reference lever


A stretched bow and a compressed rubber ball both possess elastic potential energy


The kinetic energy of an object increases as its ___ increases


Invresing the speed of an object __ Its potential energy


The SI unit for energy is the ____


You can calculate kinetic energy by using the equasion

M*V2 / 2

You can calculate gravitational potential energy by using the equasion ____

MH.8 m/s2

A bus engine transgers chemical potential energy into ____ so that the bus moves

Kinetic energy

According to the law of conservation on energy, the total amount of energy in the universe ____________

Does not change

A device that does work with only one movement and changes the suze or direction of a force is a ____


The amount by which a machine multiplies an effort force is called the ______

Mechanical energy

When two or more simple machines work together, they are called _________

Compound machine

Unit of power is the _____


Machines make tasks easier by changing either the magnitude or the direction of the _______ needed


At what point is a rollercoasters GPE the lowest?

Closest to the ground

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