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  1. ancient name of paris
  2. right bank
  3. where Mona Lisa is located
  4. former palace and prison
  5. Gallic tribe that founded Lutece
  1. a Lutece
  2. b Parisii
  3. c la rive driot-at the top
  4. d la Conciergerie
  5. e Musee de Louvre

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  1. les Invalides
  2. Fontainebleau
  3. la Mdeleine
  4. la Jaconde
  5. le Pantheon

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  1. streets lining the banks of the SeineQuais


  2. ancient name of franceLutece


  3. park devoted to science and technologyla Villet et la Geode


  4. patron saint of ParisSaint Geneveive


  5. oldest part of the university of pairsPont Neuf