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Sources: paint, gasoline Type: neurotoxin Effects: impaired learning, nervous system disorders, death


Sources: coal burning, fish consumption Type: neurotoxin Effects: Damaged brain, kidneys, liver, and immune system


Sources: mining, groundwater Type: Carcinogen Effects: Cancer


Sources: Building materials Type: Carcinogen Effects: Impaired breathing, lung cancer


Sources: Industry Type: Carcinogen Effects: Cancer, impaired learning, liver damage


Sources: soil, water Type: Carcinogen Effects: Lung cancer

Vinyl Chloride

Sources: industry, water from vinyl chloride pipes Type: Carcinogen Effects: Cancer


Sources: alcoholic beverages Type: teratogen Effects: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Sources: herbicide Type: Endocrine disruptor Effects: Feminization of males, low sperm count


Sources: insecticide Type: Endocrine disruptor Effects: feminization of males, thin eggshells of birds


Sources: plastics, cosmetics Type: Endocrine disruptor Effects: Feminization of males

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