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When was the UN created?


How many countries are members of the UN?


What country is the newest member of the UN?

South Sudan

What are the goals of the UIN?

-maintain international peace and security
-achieve international cooperation
-promote respect for human rights and freedoms
-harmonize actions of nations to achieve common goals
-millenium development goals

What are the principles of the UN?

-All member states have soverign equality
-all member states obey the charter
- countries must settle differences by peaceful means
-countries must aviod using threats or force
-UN may not interfere in the domestic affairs of a country
-countries should try to assist UN

What are the 6 main bodies of the UN?

-General Assembly
-Security Council
-Economic and Social Council
-Trustee Council (retired until needed)
-International court of justice

Who are members of the General Assembly?

All 193 countries

Who are the members of the Security Council

USA, UK, France, China, Russia, and 10 others that rotate every two years

Which countries in the Security Council have the Veto power?

The P-5

Who must approve of a declaration in order for it to pass?

All P-5 and 4 others

How many countries are a member of the Economic and Social Council?


How many countries originally sat on the Trusteeship Council?


What does the International Court of Justice do?

decides legal disputes between countries that accept its jurisdiction

What is the Secretariat?

international civil service that carries out decisions of other bodies

How long does the Secretary General serve?

5year terms

How are member states represented?

by delegations of people who represent the country
-led by an ambassador

How is the UN operated?

it runs based on the acceptance, funding and agreement by the members to carry out UN's actions

Where is the UN headquarters located?

New York City

What are the official languages of the UN?

Russian, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic

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