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In Madison's view a multitude of interests...

works to discourage the formation of an oppressive majority interest.

According to Fortune magazine, the two most effective interest groups in the country are

the NRA and AARP

Who tends to benefit the most from interest group activities?

better educated, middle- and upper-class individuals

A political party differs from an interest group in that

political parties want to operate the government and interest groups do not.

A political system in which only two parties have a reasonable chance of winning is called

a two-party system

A paradox in Republican and Democratic policies over the last 25 years has been that

despite their support for tax cuts, the Republicans have sometimes outdone the Democrats in voting for government spending.

Voter turnout for local elections is

much less than for presidential elections.

A ballot that is secret and is prepared, distributed, and tabulated by government officials in order to make it harder to pressure people to change their votes is known as a

Australian ballot

The manner in which members of the Electoral College are selected within each state is currently governed by

state laws and party rules

One of the reasons that campaigns no longer depend on political parties is

that fewer people identify with them

Part of the reason for the increased intensity of campaigns in the last decade is that they are now centered on the

candidate, not on the party

A small group of individuals which is gathered to identify in-depth feelings about candidates and issues is called

a focus group

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