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  1. the aorta leaves the ________
  2. This is true of the somatic system _________
  3. Which type of white blood cells makes antibodies?
  4. ________ secretes bicarbonate that buffers against HC1 secretion from stomach lining.
  5. Some bacteria are able to survive the extremely acidic pH of the stomach (T or F )
  1. a Pancreas
  2. b B Cells
  3. c True
  4. d Left ventricle
  5. e it controls skeletal muscles

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  1. Trypsin
  2. Digestion, Absorption
  3. Forebrain
  4. Bile
  5. as bicarbonate

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  1. In the lungs, gas exchange occurs between blood in the capillaries surrounding the alveoli and the air within the alveoli. the gases exchange by _________ along a gradient.Diffusion


  2. ________ are the primary target for HIV infection.Virus infected body cells


  3. Which of the following activities would be associated with the parasympathetic division of the nervous system?resting and digesting


  4. Made by the pancreas; acts on fatLipase


  5. Bile has roles in _______ digestion and absorptionMouth