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  1. Most carbon dioxide in blood is transported _________
  2. Skeletal muscles are controlled by _______
  3. __________ develops with age, Beginning around mid-40s, the lens of the eye loses much of its elasticity and reading without glasses becomes difficult
  4. ________ can detect very dim light. their signals are the start of coarse perception of motions
  5. The small intestine has 3 regions, The first is called the _______
  1. a Duodenum
  2. b Rod Cells
  3. c as bicarbonate
  4. d Presbyopia
  5. e Somatic nerves

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  1. Digestion, Absorption
  2. Large intestine
  3. Chymotrypsin
  4. Lipase
  5. ultrafiltration

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  1. made by the liver; helps emulsify fatsBile


  2. The optimal blood pressure in 120/80. the 120 indicates _______ and the 80 indicates ________it controls skeletal muscles


  3. Which of the following activities would be associated with the parasympathetic division of the nervous system?B Cells


  4. You would find the axons of interneurons ___________Forebrain


  5. ________ are the primary target for HIV infection.Virus infected body cells