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  1. This statement is true about the lymph vascular system__________
  2. The thalamus is part of the ________
  3. During inhalation, when the diaphragm contracts and the ribs spread apart, air pressure inside the lungs ________
  4. In human lungs, gas exchange occurs at the _________
  5. Which type of white blood cells makes antibodies?
  1. a Alveolar Sacs
  2. b decreases
  3. c Forebrain
  4. d B Cells
  5. e (A and B) Transports lipids absorbed from small INT. to blood stream, recovers interstitial fluid at the venous end of capillaries and transports it back the blood stream

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  1. pressure during systole, pressure during diastole
  2. ultrafiltration
  3. as bicarbonate
  4. Sensory Neurons
  5. in the brain and the spinal cord

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  1. ________ can detect very dim light. their signals are the start of coarse perception of motionsSensory Neurons


  2. The small intestine has 3 regions, The first is called the _______Forebrain


  3. ________ are targets of T Cells.(A and C) Taste and Smell


  4. Monosaccharides and amino acids are both absorbed ________as bicarbonate


  5. In a neuron the ________ carries information away from the cell bodyAxon


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