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  1. ________ Carry impulses from muscles and other organs to the CNS
  2. This part of the body does not belong to the digestive system ______
  3. Skeletal muscles are controlled by _______
  4. The optimal blood pressure in 120/80. the 120 indicates _______ and the 80 indicates ________
  5. ________ are targets of T Cells.
  1. a Somatic nerves
  2. b pressure during systole, pressure during diastole
  3. c The heart
  4. d Sensory Neurons
  5. e Virus infected body cells

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  1. Duodenum
  2. Dendrites
  3. as bicarbonate
  4. Sensory transduction
  5. %55

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  1. Starch Digestion begins in the _________Mouth


  2. ________ is the chemical and mechanical breakdown of food into small molecules, whole ________ is the uptake of these small molecules by the bodies cellsDigestion, Absorption


  3. You would find the axons of interneurons ___________in the brain and the spinal cord


  4. This statement is true about the lymph vascular system__________it controls skeletal muscles


  5. In a neuron the ________ carries information away from the cell bodyDendrites