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  1. Dedicates one chapter in his book "Sociology for South" that women are allowed one right. The right they are allowed is right to protection. The right to protection for women involves obeying sort of like children.
  2. Had to do with William McKinley wanting to take the Philippines from Spain during the late 1800's into the early 1900's.
  3. Had to do with the market revolution. The United States growing expansion from preindustrial trade workers who made goods into industrial revolution factory workers in the cities. The expansion of canals, roads, turnpikes for moving and producing goods more efficiently.

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  1. The Declaration of SentimentsWritten by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucreita Mott
    Activists in the movement to abolish slavery
    Spoke at Seneca Falls conference to address women's rights issues in 1848
    Wanted to see men and women created equal


  2. Monroe DoctrineWomen undervalued by surgeons
    No Training
    Not used to being around men
    Out of place women example of archetype


  3. Crisis of confidenceSpeech given by President Jimmy Carter talking about country coming together and not loosing trust in their government. Talked about wanting to tackle every crisis in 70's. Speech was given when Carter was up for re-election.