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  1. Dedicates one chapter in his book "Sociology for South" that women are allowed one right. The right they are allowed is right to protection. The right to protection for women involves obeying sort of like children.
  2. Created by National organization for women (NOW)

    Equal Rights Constitutional Amendment
    Enforce law banning sex discrimination in employment
    Maternity leave Rights in Employment and in Social Security Benefits
    Tax Deduction for Home and Child Care Expenses for Working Parents
    Child Day Care Centers
    Equal and Unsegregated Education
    Equal Job Training Opportunities and Allowances for Women in Poverty
    The Right of Women to Control Their Reproductive Lives
  3. Women undervalued by surgeons
    No Training
    Not used to being around men
    Out of place women example of archetype

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  1. Petting and the Campus (1925)Eleanor Weinbridge attests looser sexual mores, and increased emphasis on personal fulfillment that characterized the New Era also impacted on the behavior of College Women.


  2. Crisis of confidence1. U.S. right to expand west through North America. Also insist Europe stay out of central and south america.
    2. US will not interfere in European wars and European affairs

    Comes at a time of great expansion and political isolationism


  3. Artisan to factory handsSpeech given by President Jimmy Carter talking about country coming together and not loosing trust in their government. Talked about wanting to tackle every crisis in 70's. Speech was given when Carter was up for re-election.