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  1. el montañismo
  2. ¡Qué paliza!
  3. bucear
  4. Me parece un rollo.
  5. patinar en línea
  1. a to go scuba diving
  2. b What a drag!
  3. c It seems really boring to me.
  4. d mountain climbing
  5. e to go inline skating

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  1. to play video games
  2. the clarinet
  3. to row
  4. to go mountain climbing
  5. I spend my time...

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  1. escuchar músicato go mountain climbing


  2. el esquí acuáticowater skiing


  3. Estoy harto(a) de...I'm crazy about...


  4. practicar ciclismoto be a cyclist


  5. Soy un(a) fanático(a) de...I am fed up with...