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Final Exam

Important objects
Portrait of Alexander the Great, by Lysippos, copy found at Pergamon
From Ai Khanum: fragmentary foot of a colossal statue with thunderbolt of Zeus.
From Nisa: Statue of a woman, marble, found in the treasury.
Stucco Fragment: head of a helmeted warrior.
Metope fragment with club of Herakles from Nisa
Fragment of a bearded man (Mithradates I).
Kushan: statue of Kanishka from Surkh Kotal, Statue of Kanishka from Mat.
Sasanian king with the crown of Qobad hunting, Silver Plate, NY Metropolitan Museum.Ca. 5th century.
Ardashir's rock reliefs from Naqsh-e Rostam.
Shapur's reliefs from Rostam and Bishapur.
Mosaics from Bishapur
Shapur's cameo depicting Valerian from the Louvre.
All reliefs from Taq-e Bostan- esp. the main group of Anahid, Khosrow II, Ohrmazd, andthe images of Khosrow II hunting (with the senmurv caftan)