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  1. dual-core
  2. nano
  3. ethernet
  4. giga
  5. download
  1. a billionth
  2. b billion
  3. c having two computers on the same chip and therefore really being able to do two things at the same time
  4. d getting data from other computers into yours
  5. e the most common technology for connecting computers and other digital equipment (like routers)

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  1. an electronic box that routes computer communications
  2. hyper-text-transport-protocol: the communications language that web servers and web browsers use to talk to each other
  3. a method for doing something, for instance: a recipe
  4. thousand
  5. creates popup ads that you might not be able to turn off

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  1. teramillion


  2. firewalla computer or program that protects your computer from unwanted communication connections


  3. millithousandth


  4. NIC (card)network-interface-card: communicates between the computer and the network


  5. operating systema method for doing something, for instance: a recipe


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