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  1. kilo
  2. TCP/IP
  3. tera
  4. cache
  5. ethernet
  1. a trillion
  2. b thousand
  3. c temporary storage for frequently used items (frequently visited webpages, often used computer data, etc)
  4. d the style of addressing of computer communications packets
  5. e the most common technology for connecting computers and other digital equipment (like routers)

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  1. having two computers on the same chip and therefore really being able to do two things at the same time
  2. the main program that controls all other programs on your computer. (Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux)
  3. sending data from your computer to another computer
  4. computer memory storage device that stores long term memory but is hard to change/access
  5. billionth

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  1. RAMlocal area network: a network with computers in the same vicinity


  2. HTMLhyper-text-markup-language: the language that web pages are written in


  3. algorithma method for doing something, for instance: a recipe


  4. firewall"bad" program


  5. micromillionth