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  1. algorithm
  2. GPU
  3. Bluetooth
  4. giga
  5. TCP/IP
  1. a the style of addressing of computer communications packets
  2. b a short-distance communication mechanism between digital devices (between cellphones and headphones)
  3. c billion
  4. d a method for doing something, for instance: a recipe
  5. e graphics processing unit

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  1. millionth
  2. hyper-text-markup-language: the language that web pages are written in
  3. program that watches what you surf and reports it to others
  4. Universal Serial Bus: the connector (port) used by most devices that connects to computers
  5. having four computers on the same chip and therefore really being able to do four things at the same time

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  1. downloadgetting data from other computers into yours


  2. HTTPhyper-text-transport-protocol: the communications language that web servers and web browsers use to talk to each other


  3. RAMwide-area-network: a network of computers spanning a large geographical area


  4. Linux/Ubuntu/Red Hatvarious flavors of the free LINUX operating system


  5. malwarecreates popup ads that you might not be able to turn off