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  1. protocol
  2. operating system
  3. GPU
  4. ethernet
  5. BIOS
  1. a graphics processing unit
  2. b Basic Input/Output System: the program used by the computer when it starts up
  3. c the most common technology for connecting computers and other digital equipment (like routers)
  4. d the language of communications between computers or programs (HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP)
  5. e the main program that controls all other programs on your computer. (Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux)

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  1. getting data from other computers into yours
  2. an electronic box that routes computer communications
  3. "bad" program
  4. the large green plastic electronics board to which the main components of the computer are attached
  5. local area network: a network with computers in the same vicinity

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  1. HTMLhyper-text-transport-protocol: the communications language that web servers and web browsers use to talk to each other


  2. bytea space for one of two possible symbols


  3. uploadgetting data from other computers into yours


  4. CRTCathode-Ray-Tube


  5. gigabillion