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  1. LAN
  2. nano
  3. adware
  4. NIC (card)
  5. tera
  1. a trillion
  2. b creates popup ads that you might not be able to turn off
  3. c local area network: a network with computers in the same vicinity
  4. d billionth
  5. e network-interface-card: communicates between the computer and the network

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  1. an electronic box that routes computer communications
  2. getting data from other computers into yours
  3. million
  4. thousandth
  5. Universal Serial Bus: the connector (port) used by most devices that connects to computers

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  1. microCathode-Ray-Tube


  2. bytea space for one of two possible symbols


  3. VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocol: getting the computer and network to carry voice telephone calls


  4. Hard Drivecomputer memory storage device that stores long term memory but is hard to change/access


  5. Java/C++/Netlogo/Schemecomputer languages