Alexander Hamilton

Early Life and Education
Alexander Hamilton's life was much different than most of the other delegates at the Constitutional Convention. He was born on January 11, 1755 in Nevis, a Carribean island to James Hamilton and Rachel Fawcett. His birth was illegitimate because his mother was married to another guy, John Michael Lavine, who was a merchant.
He was educated very well. But, what Alexander really wanted to travel. With the help of a Presbyterian minister, he went off to the British mainland to go to college.
Work during the war and religious views
In preparation for the war, Alexander Hamilton drilled with a small group of men that he furnished and supplied with his men at college. Before the war, Hamilton spent time studying war tactics and artillery. He came to Washington's attention and in 1777 he became aide de camp. He resigned from the position in 1777 and went home after a squabble with Washington. His religious views were only really exhibited towards the end of his life. As he was dying he committed himself to the mercy of the almighty.
Part in the CC and political party
Hamilton was a federalist. He wrote the majority of the Federalist papers(51 out of 85)He also founded the National Bank. He did not have a great part in the CC because the other two New York delegates with him were anti-federalist and were against everything Hamilton wanted to do. As a result of the revolution, the country owed a great big, 54 million dollars.
Personal Life
His personal life was characterized by scandal ism. He met a girl named Elizabeth Schuyler. He also had a scandal with Maria Reynolds which was at some point became known to the government.
He was killed in a duel by Aaron Burr. Hamilton who had sabotaged Burr's votes to become president had gotten what he may or may not have deserved.