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  1. missions
  2. African Diaspora
  3. Jacques Cartier
  4. plantations
  5. haciendas
  1. a church built settlements that included a church, town, and farmlands. The goal was to convert Native Americans to Christianity.
  2. b large estates
  3. c traveled up the St. Lawrence River to the site of present day Montreal Canada
  4. d forced removal of slaves from Africa - depopulation
  5. e large farms that raised cash crops

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  1. reason English beat the Spanish Armada
  2. led the Pueblo Indians in a rebellion against the Spanish
  3. Provinces of New Spain and Peru
  4. country where Magellan was killed
  5. Aztec Capital

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  1. Francisco Pizarrosent by Philip to conquer England and restore Catholicism to that nation


  2. middle passagekilled millions of Native Americans


  3. Racismbelief that some people are inferior because of their race


  4. Henry Hudsontransfered during the Columbian Exchange


  5. Huguenotslarge estates


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