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  1. Montezuma
  2. 5
  3. Huguenots
  4. haciendas
  5. Treaty of Tordesillas
  1. a French Protestants founded colony of Fort Caroline.
  2. b Aztec emperor
  3. c Moved the Line of Demarcation more than 800 miles farther west
  4. d large estates
  5. e number of ships Magellan sailed with.

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  1. church built settlements that included a church, town, and farmlands. The goal was to convert Native Americans to Christianity.
  2. sailed under Dutch flag and hoped to find route to China. He found present day New York and sailed up the River named after him. He later found anther large bay area named after him.
  3. Portuguese sailor who proposed to reach Asia by sailing west around South America.
  4. transfered during the Columbian Exchange
  5. Italian sailor who set out in 1501 to find a sea route to Asia. Continent named after him

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  1. Hernando Cortezlaws to regulate the treatment of slaves


  2. Slaverythe practice of holding a person in bondage for labor


  3. John Cabotone of the first explorers to chart a northern route across the Atlantic Ocean in search of Asia. An italian sailor who explored for the English.


  4. Jacques Cartierlarge estates


  5. Bartolome de Las Casasfought for the better treatment of Native Americans. He was a Catholic Priest