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the unpredictable changes in air that take place over a short period of time.


the usual, predictable pattern of weather in an area over a long period of time.


the low latitudes near the equater.


a long period of extreme dryness.

el nino

when cold winds from the east are weak, combination of tempeture, wind and water affects in the paciffic ocean that causes heavy rains in some areas and drought in others.

la nina

pattern of unusual weather inpacific ocean that has opposite affects of el nino.


moving streams of water in the worlds oceans.

local wind

pattern of wind caused by landforms in a particular area

rain shadow

dry are on the inland side of coastal mountains.

greenhouse affect

buid up of certain gasses in the atmospere that, like a green house, hold more of the sun's wormth.

rain forest

dense forest that receives high amounts of rain each year.

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