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middle kingdm

a period of oder and stability that lasted until about 1750

new kingdom

a period during which Egypt reached the hieght of its power and glory

trade routes

paths followed by traders

Queen Hatshepsut

pharoah that ruled between 1472-1458 BC

Ramses the Great

Paroah that ruled between the time period of 1200 Bc, he also fought the Hittites.


Egyptian writing system


a long- lasting paper -like material made from reeds

Rosetta Stone

a stone slab inscribed with hieroglyphics


imaginary creatures with the body of a lion and the heads of other animals including humans


a tall 4 sided pilar that is pionted at the top

King Tutankhan

a pharoah who died young and was wealthy


son of Kashta, the king who kept up the fights

trade network

a system of people in different lands who trade goods




items sent out to the other regions


goods brought in from other regions

Queen Shanakhdakheto

ruled from 170 to 150 BC

King Ezana

destroyed Menroe and took over Kush

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