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  1. dramatis personae
  2. strike
  3. curtain going up
  4. callboard
  5. repertory
  1. a Latin, meaning person in a play
  2. b bulliten board backstage on which are posted important notices for actors and crew
  3. c collection of plays that may be readily performed because of farmiliarity to actors; a sequence of plays done over a period of time
  4. d call given stage crew to remove scenery
  5. e signal to cast that curtain is opening

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  1. warning that is 30 min. before curtain time
  2. sure-fire stock situation for good laughs
  3. a sequence of facial expressions, body positions, gestures, and movements that convey a story or character without words
  4. fee charged by publisher to present a play
  5. standing room only

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  1. noticescall given stage crew to remove scenery


  2. positionactors place on stage as set by director


  3. intensitythe use of vocal variations to produce a feeling of power and control in the voice


  4. blew linesto move closer together


  5. the stickssmall towns played by touring companies