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  1. curtain going up
  2. dramatis personae
  3. amber
  4. notices
  5. repertory
  1. a collection of plays that may be readily performed because of farmiliarity to actors; a sequence of plays done over a period of time
  2. b Latin, meaning person in a play
  3. c soft yellow light used for stage lighting
  4. d reviews, clippings, dramatic critisism
  5. e signal to cast that curtain is opening

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  1. forgotten lines
  2. to move closer together
  3. call given stage crew to remove scenery
  4. sure-fire stock situation for good laughs
  5. standing room only

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  1. gelthin sheet of gelatin available in a wide range of colors that can be cut and set infront of a light to color the beam directed on the stage


  2. callboardsoft yellow light used for stage lighting


  3. positionactors place on stage as set by director


  4. royaltyfee charged by publisher to present a play


  5. the sticksreviews, clippings, dramatic critisism