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a living thing. Ex: people, prairie dog, moss


a place that provides the things an organism needs to live, grow and reproduce. Tree, pond, cactus, soil

Biotic factors

the living parts of a habitat. Two examples: trees, animals

Abiotic factors

the nonliving parts of a habitat. Example: water, air

Biotic or Abiotic? Rocks


Biotic or Abiotic? Birds chirping


Biotic or Abiotic? Grass


Biotic or Abiotic? Soil


Biotic or Abiotic? Gravel


Biotic or Abiotic? Dandelions


Biotic or Abiotic? Sticks


Biotic or Abiotic? Fire hydrants


What does every organism have that makes them suited to its specific living conditions?

a variety of adaptions

What are the three major types of interactions among organisms?

competition, predations and symbiosis

What are the three types of symbiotic relationships?

mutualism, commensalisms, and parasitism

Why are sticks considered biotic?

They once were living, so they are considered biotic.

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