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Anthro Final- Ch 12

Which statement about the class system in the United States is true?
most people stay in the same social class for their entire lives.
Chiefs in a rank society possess great prestige and accumulate large amounts of tribute which:
they give away to others.
Comparatively, the lower classes in the U.S. have not done very well in the last three decades because of all the following except:
rising job opportunities that take them away from home
The "Decade of Roma Inclusion" was initiated by European countries in order to:
improve housing, education, health, and employment for Gypsy populations.
According to the Marxist view, capitalists create a false consciousness in workers by leading them to believe that:
if they work harder, they will be succesful
The systematic annihilation of a culture is referred to as:
____________ societies developed approximately 5,500 years ago.
In the United States which of the following would you not expect to be among the power elite?
college professor
The conflict theory interpretation of inequality argues that:
the upper levels of the hierarchy exploit those below.
Members of the same social class share similar economic levels:
and often similar educational backgrounds and political views.
"Kite Fighting" is a popular sport in which country?
All of the following are arguments against the functionalist interpretation of social inequality except:
those who obtain higher education should be paid more because of the amount of job preparation that they have.
Sanskritization refers to the process in India of:
moving up the caste ladder
One of the most visible traits of the members of the underclass is:
Which statement about class differences in the U.S. is true?
The gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" have widened since 1975.
Which statement about the term "Dalit" is false?
it refers to the upper caste in Hindu India.
Which of the following is not a reason the upper class in the United States has considerable power?
it comprises about 20% of the U.S. population.
As a scientific concept, race:
is not very significant because it gives us little insight into human behavior.
_________ systems are based on achieved status and permit considerable social mobility.
During the last 25 years, compensation for CEOs int he U.S. (when compared to other segments of the population) has:
increased dramatically.
__________ societies developed approximately 5,500 years ago.
Which ethnic group in the U.S. grew the fastest during the 1990s?
Caste societies are found in:
several regions of the world
The functionalist interpretation of inequality argues that if people are to make sacrifices necessary to perform vital jobs, they must be all of the following except:
aware that, because of social stratification and gender inequality, some people are simply not prepared to assume certain jobs.
Which of the following are types of societies based on levels of social inequality?
egalitarian, rank, and stratified.
The capitalist class wield enormous influence (well beyond their numbers) through all of the following except:
practicing the same religion
Economic inequality is greatest among:
the people of the United States
Karl Marx is referred to the exploited working class, those who exchanged their labor for wages, as the:
Which statement about per capita gross national income (GNI) is not true?
The richest nation per GNI is the United States.