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Mean-World Syndrome

the proposal that increased television viewing leads to a perception of the world as being a more hostile, dangerous place.

First Symptom

Are more fearful of the night. Real life: night is fun, relaxing, after work, party, romantic, etc. Media: Night is when most crime happens.

Second Symptom

Are more cynical of people (everybody is a suspect). In real life 99% of people we meet are good/kind.

Third Symptom

Everyone is victimized, especially the rich and white. Poorest minorities are most likely to be victimized.

Fourth Symptom

Less optimistic about the future, real life: our lives are good (and getting better), Media: the future sucks crime is bad!

Fifth Symptom

Believe their neighborhoods are unsafe, life is exceedingly safe (& boring) in middle-class suburbia.

Sixth Symptom

Are more likely to buy locks, watchdogs, security systems, watchdogs, and guns.

Seventh Symptom

Violence and crime is always increasing on TV. It is increasing to excite us and increase ratings.

Gerbner's Theory Question

What are the consequences of watching so much violence in the media?

Gerbner's Theory Answer

High viewers suffer from the Mean-World Syndrome. They believe the world is a much more mean and violent place than light viewers.

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