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Development Through LifespanEXAM 2

Baby Edda's body looks wasted, and she is withdrawn and apathetic. However, she is offered enough food and there is no biological cause for her condition. She most likely has
nonorganic failure to thrive.
Before Jack's mother leaves for work every morning, she takes her car keys off of a hook on the wall. Now, as soon as she unhooks her car keys, Jack begins to cry. In this example, _______is the conditioned response.
Human adults have especially elaborate ___________, which enable them to observe another's behavior while simulating the behavior in their own brains.
mirror neurons
Of all motor skills, _________may play the greatest role in infant cognitive development.
voluntary reaching
Piaget believed that infants and toddlers
"think" with their eyes, ears, and hands.
During_____, children use their current schemes to interpret the external world, whereas in _______,children create new schemes or adjust old ones after noticing that their current ways of thinking do not capture the environment completely.
In Piaget's theory, through the ____circular reaction, babies try to repeat interesting events in the surrounding environment that are caused by their own actions.
Baby Luigi retrieves his pacifier, which his mother has hidden behind a pillow. Baby Luigi has begun to master
object permanence
According to the information-processing approach, the longer a person holds information in working memory, the
more likely it will transfer to the permanent knowledge base.
Recall is more challenging than recognition because it
involves remembering a stimulus that is not present.