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What is the product of the reaction of an alcohol and a carboxylic acid when reacted together under acidic conditions?

an ester

The splitting apart of an ester in the presence of a strong acid and water is called


How many hydrogen atoms is the carbonyl group in a ketone bonded to?


commercially, liquid vegetable oils are converted to solid fats such as margarine by


galactose is a product of enzymatic hydrolysis of


the function of the enzyme-substrate complex is to provide an alternative reaction pathway that

decreases the activation energy for the reaction

a noncompetitive inhibitor has a structure that

does not resemble the substrate structure

what classification of alcohol is resistant to oxidation


which of the following is NOT true for a competitive inhibitor

it binds to the enzyme at a site remote from the active site

"Physiologic conditions" for reactions within the body are approximately

ph7 & 37 degrees celcius

which group of carbohydrates cannot be hydrolyzed to give smaller molecules


what classification of alcohol undergoes oxidation to yield a ketone

secondary alcohol

synthesis of cholesterol takes place in


a monosaccharide that consists of 5 carbon atoms, one of which is in a ketone group, is classified as an


a lipoprotein particle functions to

transport nonpolar lipids to body cells

heavy metals denature proteins by

disrupting disulfide bonds

a cycloalkane

has two fewer hydrogen atoms than the corresponding alkane

many of the frangrances of flowers and the flavors of fruits are due to


hemoglobin is an example of a protein with

a gobular structure

in the l-isomer of a fischer projection of a monosaccharide, the oh- group furthest from the carbonyl is written?

on the left of the bottom chiral carbon

a polyunsaturated fatty acid contains more than one

double bond

the alcolhol in this list that would be most soluble in water is


the reaction of an alkene and water in the presence of an acid catalyst to produce alcohol is called


fructose does not undergo hydrolysis because its a


in the iupace naming system, a ketone is named by replacing the -e in the corresponding alkane name with


the names of many enzymes can be recognized with the suffix


the active site of an enzyme

catalyzes the reaction

the dehydration of an alcohol in the presence of a strong acid yields

an alkene

the peptide bonds that link amino acids in a protein are?

aminde bonds

which of the following is found in vinegar?

acetic acid

compounds that have the same molecular formula but different arrangements of atoms are called


a non competitive inhibitor

alters the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme

a formula that shows the arrangement of all bonds in a molecule is called an?

expanded structural formula

a functional group is a certain group of atoms that

reacts in a predictable way whenever present

collagen, a protein found in tendons and cartilage, would be classified as a ___ protein


which is not a reducing sugar


the reaction of hydrogen(h2) and propene using a platinum catalyst is called


which statement is NOT true

all lipids contain fatty acids

compared to saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids have

shorter carbon chains

a fatty acid salt can act as a soap to remove grease because

the nonpolar tails of the salt dissolve in the greate and the polar salt ends dissolve in water

which of the following is NOT a lipoprotein that carries nonpolar lipids through the blood stream


what is the nuclear symbol for a radioactive isotope of copper with a mass number of 60?

60/29 Cu

the product of from the alpha decay of 235/92 U is

231/90 Th

which of the following types of radiation has the highest energy?


the damaging effects of radiation on the body are a result of

the formation of unstable ions or radicals

the process in which a nucleus spontaneously breaks down by emitting radiation is know as

radioactive decay

why is it important that radioisotopes used in diagnostic tests have short half-lives

this minimizes the harmful side effects of the radiation

the half-life of a radioisotope is

the time is takes for one-half of the sample to decay

iodine-123, which is used for diagnostic imaging in the thyroid, has half-life of 13 hours. If 50.0mg of I-123 were prepared at 8am on monday how many mg remain at 10am on the following day


when an atom of uranium-235 is bombarded with neutrons, it splits into smaller nuclei and produces a great amount of engery. this nuclear process is called


radium-226 decays by alpha emission to


ribulose has the following structural formula, to what carbohydrate class does ribulose belong


a glycosidic bond between two monosacchardies can also be classified as an

ether bond

amylose is a form of starch which has

only a-1,4- links bond glucose units

aspartame and saccharin are two examples of

non carbohydrate sweeteners

under acid hydrolysis condition, starch is converted to


hypoglycemia is a condition in which

the glucose level in the blood is lower than normal

photosynthesis uses ___ as an energy source


humans cannot digest celluslose because they

lack the necessary enzymes to digest b-glycosides

the iupace name for CH3-CH2-C=C-CH3 IS


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