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Effects that include borders, shadows, and reflections are:

Artistic effects

Which of the following is a small movable container for text or graphics?

Text box

Lines, arrows, callouts, and banners are examples of:


What is the default line spacing in Microsoft Word 2010?


What is called the space between the text and the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the page?


Simple borders and border edges can be added using the Border button from which group?


Which key is used to move from cell to cell in a Word table?


The default line spacing within a Word table is:

Single spacing with no space before or after paragraphs

Which line spacing is used for research papers and reports using MLA style?

Double spaced

Know what is necessary for footnotes according to MLA style

Calibri font

In MLA style, citations that refer to items in the Work Cited page are referred to as

Parenthetical references

To add a page number to a citation,

Right-click, and select Edit Citation

Anything a user types into a cell is known as

Cell content

A text value is also known as a


The _____ is outlined in black and is ready to accept data

Active cell

The small black square in the lower right corner of a selected cell is called the

Fill Handle

The values that an Excel function uses to perform operations are called


Excel's _____ function finds the middle value in a range


The _____ function adds all of the numbers in a range of cells


A _____ shows the relationship of each part of the data to the whole

Pie chart

A _____ is a value that originates in a worksheet cell and is represented in a chart

Data point

The _____ identifies patterns and colors assigned to categories in the chart


A workbook sheet that contains only a chart is called a(n)

Chart sheet

Goal Seek is an example of a ____ tool

What-if analysis

On a line chart, the x-axis is also known as the

Category axis

On a line chart, the y-axis is also known as the

Value axis

A field or a combination of fields, that has a unique value is a:

Primary key

Data from two or more tables can be connected by specifying a

Common field

What are examples of an Access object?


When establishing a relationship, common fields do NOT necessarily need to have

The same field name

Sorting a table in descending order by a Last Name field would NOT

Sort only the last name field, thus mixing up the records

To locate records in which a field is left blank, what should be used as the criteria for that field?


To find a contribution amount of $300 or greater in a query, the entry in the Amount field's criteria should read


The primary editing view in PowerPoint where the user can write and design presentations is

Normal view

When PowerPoint displays a new presentation, the user is presented with one slide, the ___ slide


PowerPoint's _____ is displayed below the Slide pane and provides an area for the user to enter information concerning the active slide.

Notes pane

A large image of the active slide is displayed in the

Slides pane

The _____ displays the presentation either in the form of thumbnails or as an outline

Slides/Outline pane

A _____ is a box on a slide with dashed or dotted borders that holds titles and body text, or other content such as charts, tables, or pictures


A set of unified design elements that provides a look for a presentation by applying colors, fonts, and effects is called a(n)


_____ is the process of changing the contents of a slide or adding slides to or deleting slides from the presentation


A(n) _____ is the arrangement of elements, such as title and subtitle text, lists, pictures, tables, charts, shapes, and movies on a slide


A title slide contains two placeholder elements:

The title and the subtitle

_____ can be used to rearrange and delete slides and to apply formatting to multiple slides at one time

Slide sorter view

The motion effects that occur when moving from one slide to the next during a presentation are called

Slide transitions

Printed images of slides on a piece of paper are called

Slide handouts

Pictures can be made to look like sketches or paintings by applying

Artistic effects

A _____ is displayed after the last slide of the presentation and indicates that the presentation is over

Black slide

_____ are used to organize text and are identified by the bullet style, indentation, and the size of the text

List levels

When _____ surround a picture, the user knows that the picture is selected and can be modified or formatted

Sizing handles

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