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  1. When you receive vaccination, the T Cells and B Cells still recognize and respond to ..
  2. What is passive immunity?
  3. Who is Mathilda Kim?
  4. True or false.. Although some medications don't kill pathogens, they may help you feel more comfortable while you get better.
  5. Immunization is ..
  1. a The antigens of the weakened or dead pathogen
  2. b Vaccination
  3. c When antibodies are given to a person...the person's immune system doesn't make them.
  4. d An American biomedical researcher founded the AIDS foundation and dedicated her life to supporting AIDS research
  5. e True

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  1. False
  2. When a persons own immune system produces antibodies in response to the presence of a pathogen.
  3. Country England doctor - successfully vaccinated a child against smallpox, by using material from the sore of a person with cowpox. It worked but he didn't know why.
  4. In Britain, he observed that bacteria growing on laboratory plates were killed when various fungi grew on the same plate. He discovered that one fungus produced a substance that killed bacteria ---penicillin
  5. The process by which harmless antigens are deliberately introduced into a person's body to produce active immunity

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  1. What is immunity?When a persons own immune system produces antibodies in response to the presence of a pathogen.


  2. Active immunity often lasts for ...No more than a few months


  3. What are over-the-counter medications?Cold medicines, fever medications, stomach ache medicine


  4. Who was Louis Pasteur?Showed that microorganisms were the cause of disease in silkworms . He reasoned that you could control spread of disease by killing microorganisms


  5. True or false? When you receive a vaccination you always get sick.Vaccine