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  1. Passive immunity usually lasts for..
  2. What is vaccination?
  3. Examples of over the counter drugs...
  4. Active immunity often lasts for ...
  5. How are vaccinations given?
  1. a Many years , and sometimes it lasts for life
  2. b The process by which harmless antigens are deliberately introduced into a person's body to produce active immunity
  3. c Cold medicines, fever medications, stomach ache medicine
  4. d No more than a few months
  5. e By injection, by mouth, or through a nasal spray

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  1. An American biomedical researcher founded the AIDS foundation and dedicated her life to supporting AIDS research
  2. True
  3. Active and passive
  4. The antigens of the weakened or dead pathogen
  5. The body's ability to destroy pathogens before they can cause disease.

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  1. What is passive immunity?When a persons own immune system produces antibodies in response to the presence of a pathogen.


  2. True or false.. Although some medications don't kill pathogens, they may help you feel more comfortable while you get better.True


  3. After a person recovers from sickness, some T Cells and B Cells keep..The "memory" of the pathogen's antigen. So if it enters the body again, it recognizes it and starts the immune response quickly.


  4. During the immune response , ___&_____ help destroy the pathogens.T Cells and B Cells


  5. Immunization is ..Consists of pathogens that have been weakened or killed but can still trigger the immune system to go to action