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  1. True or false? There are medications that are effective against viral illnesses, including the common cold.
  2. A person acquires passive immunity when..
  3. How are vaccinations given?
  4. After a person recovers from sickness, some T Cells and B Cells keep..
  5. When does a baby acquire some passive immunity before birth?
  1. a The "memory" of the pathogen's antigen. So if it enters the body again, it recognizes it and starts the immune response quickly.
  2. b By injection, by mouth, or through a nasal spray
  3. c This immuni results from antibodies that are passed from the another's blood into the baby's blood during pregnancy
  4. d False
  5. e The antibodies that fight the pathogen come from a source other than the person's body

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  1. No more than a few months
  2. Immunity
  3. True
  4. The body's ability to destroy pathogens before they can cause disease.
  5. Drugs that can be purchased without a doctor's prescription.

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  1. Who was Jonas Salk?Showed that microorganisms were the cause of disease in silkworms . He reasoned that you could control spread of disease by killing microorganisms


  2. Who was Louis Pasteur?A professor from the USA that showed that people injected with killed polio viruses did not get the disease, but produced the antibodies against it


  3. Who was Florence nightingale?English nurse-cared for British soldiers during the Crimean war, and wanted hospitals clean. This saved many soldiers lives


  4. When you receive vaccination, the T Cells and B Cells still recognize and respond to ..The antigens of the weakened or dead pathogen


  5. True or false.. Although some medications don't kill pathogens, they may help you feel more comfortable while you get better.False