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  1. Examples of over the counter drugs...
  2. Who was Louis Pasteur?
  3. When does a baby acquire some passive immunity before birth?
  4. True or false? There are medications that are effective against viral illnesses, including the common cold.
  5. The substance that is used in a vaccination is called a
  1. a This immuni results from antibodies that are passed from the another's blood into the baby's blood during pregnancy
  2. b Vaccine
  3. c Showed that microorganisms were the cause of disease in silkworms . He reasoned that you could control spread of disease by killing microorganisms
  4. d Cold medicines, fever medications, stomach ache medicine
  5. e False

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  1. When antibodies are given to a person...the person's immune system doesn't make them.
  2. Vaccination
  3. The antigens of the weakened or dead pathogen
  4. A chemical that kills bacteria or slows their growth without harming body cells
  5. An American biomedical researcher founded the AIDS foundation and dedicated her life to supporting AIDS research

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  1. What is immunity?When a persons own immune system produces antibodies in response to the presence of a pathogen.


  2. During the immune response , ___&_____ help destroy the pathogens.T Cells and B Cells


  3. True or false? When you receive a vaccination you always get sick.False, you usually do not.


  4. Active immunity often lasts for ...Many years , and sometimes it lasts for life


  5. How are vaccinations given?By injection, by mouth, or through a nasal spray


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