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  1. When does a baby acquire some passive immunity before birth?
  2. Examples of over the counter drugs...
  3. Who was Jonas Salk?
  4. What are the two basic types of immunity?
  5. How are vaccinations given?
  1. a By injection, by mouth, or through a nasal spray
  2. b Cold medicines, fever medications, stomach ache medicine
  3. c A professor from the USA that showed that people injected with killed polio viruses did not get the disease, but produced the antibodies against it
  4. d This immuni results from antibodies that are passed from the another's blood into the baby's blood during pregnancy
  5. e Active and passive

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  1. Immunity
  2. Consists of pathogens that have been weakened or killed but can still trigger the immune system to go to action
  3. Country England doctor - successfully vaccinated a child against smallpox, by using material from the sore of a person with cowpox. It worked but he didn't know why.
  4. T Cells and B Cells
  5. The antigens of the weakened or dead pathogen

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  1. True or false.. Although some medications don't kill pathogens, they may help you feel more comfortable while you get better.True


  2. The best way to deal with most viral illnesses is to ..Get plenty of rest


  3. What is immunity?When a persons own immune system produces antibodies in response to the presence of a pathogen.


  4. What are over-the-counter medications?Drugs that can be purchased without a doctor's prescription.


  5. Example of active immunity.Chickenpox. First time you get it your body responds to virus by producing antibodies. The next time, it produces the antibodies so quick you don't get sick.


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