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Abdomino Pelvic Quadrants, Abdominal Regions, Anatomical Relationships

Abdominopelvic Quadrants
Four Quadrants formed by two perpendicular lines that intersect at umbilicus
Right Upper Quadrant
Liver, gall bladder
Left Upper Quadrant
Stomach, Spleen
Right Lower Quadrant
Urinary bladder, appendix, cecum, ascending colon of Large Intestine, small intestine
Left Lower Quadrant
Transverse and descending of Large Intestine, small intestine, initial part of sigmoid colon, urinary bladder
Abdominopelvic regions
Nine regions formed by superior horizontal plane just inferior to ribs, inferior horizontal plane to hip bone, vertical planes just medial to nipples
Superior row of nine regions from right to left
Right hypochondriac, Epigastric, Left hypochondriac
Right Hypochondriac
Liver, Gall bladder
Liver, Stomach
Left Hypochondriac
Medial row of nine regions
Right lumbar, Umbilical, Left lumbar
Right lumbar
Ascending colon of large intestine
Transverse colon of large intestine, small intestine
Left lumbar
Descending colon of large intestine, small intestine
Inferior row of nine regions
Right iliac(inguinal) , Hypogastric(pubic), left iliac(inguinal)
Right inguinal
Appendix, Urinary bladder
Left inguinal
Initial part of sigmoid colon