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Texas History Terms, (people)

Native American Indians
were nomads, travled in search of food, lived in portable wigwams or circular huts housing 7 to 8 people
was elected by Texans in 1838 to be the president of Texas
Cynthia Ann Parker
Comanche Indians attack; Cynthia Ann, her brother, and cousin were captured. Later on in December 19, 18690, she was the wife of war cheif. Then taken to Fort Worth and is under house arrest
Quanah Parker
was Cynthia's child found with her when the Texas Rangers struck the Comanche camp. Quanah ran away the day of the attack, Quanah becomes a famous war cheif
Allen Brothers
from New York, John ran a hat store, and Augustus was a math professor. Bought land and promoted Houston through adds
Sam Houston
Born in Virginia, he was fammiliar with the Cherokee customs, very politicaly active, president of the republic in TX
William B. Travis
from South Carolina, lawyer, leaves family behind and moves to TX. Died at the Alamo
Santa Anna
was the president of Mexico, started the Texas Revolution by refusing to sign the Constitution of 1824
Moses Austin
father of Stephen F. Austin, Born in connecticut, was a miner, had the bold idea to colonize Texas , helped by Baron de Bastrop, was granted the right to have 300 settlers move to Texas
Stephen S. Austin
born in Virginia, attended school in CT and Kentucky, enfed up studying law in New Orleans, picked and granted land to incoming settlers, near the Brazos and CO rivers(11 mil. acres)
Most came from England, came to Texas for freedom and a better life: were self-motivated and freedom loving, hard-working, and literate(were educated)
Woodrow Wilson
President of the US from 1913 to 1921, he symbolicly opened the gate to the canal
Texas Rangers
they were the first volunteer army