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part 5 plate tectonics review ---pages 42 to 47 ---sfx --fall 2009


section of the Earth's crust ( lithosphere )


idea that has been tested ----but not proven

what is defined as : the constant slow movement of earth's plates b/c of convection currents?

plate tectonics

what actions can happen where plates meet?

collide,pull apart , or slide past each other


a break in the Earth's crust

3 types of plate boundaries?

transform, divergent, and convergent

boundary where plates come together ?


boundary where plates pul apart?


boundary where playes slide past each other?


can divergent boundaries occur on land?

yes ---can create rift valleys

when 2 plates collide -- what determines which one will be on top?

density --the less dense plate will go on top

what is more dense --oceanic or continental ?

oceanic ---has more mass in a given volume .... remember the oceans are lower than the continents ------so they must be more dense

the rate at which you fingernails grow ------ is equal to the rate of movement of the earths plates. true or false ??


how long ago did Pangaea break up?

225 milllion yrs ago

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