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APGov156 - Unit 5c - Environmental Policy

Flashcard set for Mr. W's APGov156 Unit 5 - Public Policy unit. This set is Environmental Policy only
Acid Rain
Precipitation that may be caused by the burning of high-sulfur coal. A widepsread problem because everyone depends on rain
Pollution Banking
EPA incentive that allows a company to bank low emissions now for possible high-emissions in the future
Clean Air Act of 1970
Landmark environmental legislation that established national air-quality standards with specified deadlines for compliance and huge fines for noncompliance
Environmental Impact Statement
Document required before any federal agency undertakes an activity that may substantially impact the environment
Government agency established in 1970 to implement environmental policy and legislation
Kyoto Protocol
International agreement to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. The first serious attempt by multiple developed nations to reduce emissions
Offset in Pollution
When a high-pollution factory is offset by a low-pollution factory
Superfund (CERCLA)
Gives government power to sue any person or company that dumps waste. Forces the person/company to pay for clean-up
Cap and Trade
Legislation where the gov puts a cap on the amount of pollution and allows companies with unused pollution to sell that pollution on a carbon market.
Sierra Club
Largest pro-environment interest group focused on climate change, deforestation. 1.4 million members