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the body's pysical response to the need for food, triggered by signals in your body


is a desire rather than a need to eat a certain type of food

What is the right breakfast?

a mixture of carbs protein and some fat

the minimum amount of energy needed to keep you alive when you are in a rested fasting state?

basal metabolic rate

what is the intake with energy used?

balancing energy

health amount of body fat for young women is?


health amount of body fat for young men is?


what is overweight?

heavy for his or her height

what is obesity?

excess of body fat for ones weight

a person is obese if he or she weighs more than ____ above their recommed range


___________ and _____ pose the great risk to health

Physical Inactivity and poor diet

what is the porportion of body weight that is made up of fat tissue compared to bone and muscle?

body composition

skinfold thickness is measured by an instrument call a ?


an index of weight in relation to height that is used to assess healthy body weight

body mass index

adults are said to have a healthy body weight if their BMI is between?


overweight people have a BMI of?


Obese people have a BMI of?

30 or more

_____ is a program of sensible eating and exercise habits that will help keep weight at a healthy level

weight management

teens need at least ____ of moderate activity daily

60 mins

the goals for weight loss is to?

lose fat without losing muscle

diet that requires major changes in your eating habits and promises quick results?

fad diet

abnormal eating patterns may include?

never eating enough, dietubg excessively, eating only certain types of food, or eating too much

conditions that invole an unhealthy degree of concern about _____ and ____that may lead to efforts to control weight by _____

body weight and shape..and unhealthy means

how youu see and feel about your appearance and how comfortable you are with your body is ?

body image

an eatign disorder that involes self-stan a distorted body image, and low body weight

anorexia nervosa

an eating disorder in which an individual repeatedly eats large amounts of food and then uses behavior such as vomiting or uses laxatives

bulimia nervosa

eating a large amount of food in one sitting


behavior that involves vomiting or misusing laxatives to get rid of food


people who are at risk are people who?

perfer to eat alone, overly critical about body size, often think about food, weigh themselves everyday, and eat a lot of diet foods

professional help from _____ ______ and ______ is essential to manage and recover from an eating disorder

Physicians, psychologists, and nutritonistis

what is caused by stomach acid leaking into the esophagus


are open sores in the lining of the stomach or intestine


produced when bacteria living in the large intestine breaks down undigested food


frequent watery stool?


abnormal response to a food that is triggered by the body

food allergies

what are 4 symptoms of food allergies?

upset stomach hives difficulty breathing and body aches

reduced ability to digest the milk sugar, lactose

lactose intolerance

what is an illness caused by eating or drinking a food that contains a toxin or disease

food-borne illness

the transfer of contaminants from one food to another


to reduce the risk of food borne illness in the kitchen

replace dishcloths, keep refrigerator at 41F, wasg cooking utensils in warm water, and cook food to the recommended temp.

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