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Dick Hebdige

_____, "Style as homology and signifying practice."

structuralism, semiotics

Hebdige applies _____ and _____ to understand "signifying practice" of punk style


_____: The unified relationship between a subculture's internal structure and its bricolage.


_____: Forms of cultural appropriation and reinscription (e.g. use of clothes pins)


Signs consist of _____ parts.


_____: Material presence (physical manifestation) of sign (R-A-I-N or drops of water from sky falling)


_____: Mental concept (the idea of "rain" as associated w/signifier)

signifiers, signified

Bricolage is all about appropriating conventional _____ and giving them new _____.

homology, bricolage

Hebdige defines the _____ between punk as structure and its _____.

musical, fashion

Punk bricolage of _____ and _____ styles both negates traditional signifieds as well as any fixed signifieds for defining or locating itself (resistance to being fixed)


Punks seek to signify a _____: "nowhere" and "otherness"


Chains and bondage gear signify _____ what they usually mean (imprisonment, slavery), but don't necessarily signify anything else.


British punk held onto the idea of "_____" without proclaiming it as a badge of identity.


_____: Theorized and fetishized their class position to effect a magical return to imagined past.

myth function, sexual, signs

Punks subvert _____ but not resolving binary oppositions as skinheads' homology does. Public v. private: _____ clothes in public. Past v. present: Reinscribing traditional _____, rejecting nostalgia of Skinheads.

Oh Bondage up yours, i am a cliche, dream free adolescents, anarchy in the uk, god save the queen

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