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  1. A cultural context wherein the speak¬ers of a language have a variety of linguistic options open to them in order to explicitly communicate their intent via verbal messages
  2. Manner of speaking relying on the use of personal pronouns that stresses informality and sym-metrical power relationships
  3. Manner of very concise speaking often accompanied by silence
  4. Smallest meaningful unit of sound; a combi¬nation of phonemes
  5. Communication manner where the pro¬cess of interaction is emphasized, placing the burden of understanding on both the speaker and the listener; relies heavily on nonverbal cues
  6. Mode of speaking that emphasizes rich, expressive language

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  1. language varietyThe way a particular group of people uses language


  2. generative grammarThe idea that from a finite set of rules, a speaker of any language can create or generate an infinite number of sentences, many of which have never before been uttered


  3. indirect styleManner of speaking wherein the inten¬tions of the speakers are hidden or only hinted at during interaction


  4. restricted codeA cultural context wherein the speakers of a language are limited as to what they can say or do verbally. A restricted code is a status-oriented system.


  5. Standard EnglishThe variety of English spoken in the United States that is considered correct


  6. contextual styleRole-centered mode of speaking where one's choice of messages is influenced by one's relative status in the conversation