20 terms

A2 B7 Contemporary World

Developing Nation
Countries in process of industrializing
Developed Nation
Industrialized nations and advanced technology
Global Economy
Financial interactions that cross international borders
Multinational Corporation
Companies that conduct business in several different countries
Free Trade
Elimination of barriers, such as tariffs, among nations
spread of nuclear weapons to nations that do not have them
belief in the truth of a religion (most recently refers to Islam)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
"All persons are born free and equal"
European Union (EU OR Common Market)
Economic cooperative effort among 11 European nations with a single currency
North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Mandates
Intended to promote trade between US, Canada and Mexico, by removing tariffs
Genetic Engineering
Transferring of genes from one living thing to another (i.e. cloning)
Greenhouse effect
Also called global warming, emission of carbons and other gasses
World Bank
Organization that provides loans for large development projects
IMF (International Monetary Fund)
Organization provides emergency loan tot nations in crisis
Guest Workers
Migrant workers invited by European governments to perform menial jobs
The us of violence, intimidation and coercion against group or country to meet a political goal
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Nuclear and chemical weapons that are often coveted by developing nations. Believed that Saddam held Hussein held such weapons in Iraq
Terrorism at the Munich Olympics
Resulted in death of hostages and 2 of the terrorists in gun battle
Osama Bin Laden
Head of Al Qaeda, coordinated 9/11 attacks and is now dead
9/11 Attacks
Attack on the World Trade Center by Al Qaeda extremists, considered worst terrorist attack against US