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Mos, Moris

Custom (Pl. Character)

posterus, -a, -um

next, following

enuntio, -are, -avi, -atus

to reveal, divulge

patres, patrum


eo magis

all the more

dixit actum esse

he said that there had been a debate



should have

trepidans, trepidantis

in a panic

caterva, -ae


potius quam

rather than

ago, agere, egi, actus

to do, drive, discuss, debate

profero, proferre, protuli, prolatus

to carry forward, continue

urgeo, urgere, ursi

to press, insist

fides, fidei

good faith, reliability, trust

ingenium, -i

intellegence, ingenuity

consultum, -i


cognomen, cognominis


honoris causa

as an honor (for the sake of an honor)

praebeo, -ere, -ui, -itus

to display, show

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