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  1. cyt-
  2. hydrostatic pressure
  3. filtration
  4. microtubules
  5. mitosis
  1. a hollow rod of the protein tubulin in the cytoplasm
  2. b a form of cell division that occurs in somatic (non sex) cells and produces two daughter cells from an original cell. They are genetically identical
  3. c cell
  4. d movement of material through a membrane as a result of hydrostatic pressure
  5. e pressure exerted by fluids, such as blood pressure

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  1. solution with a greater osmotic pressure than the solution with which it is compared...usually body fluids
  2. the basic units of an organism
  3. cellular organelle consisting of two centrosomes; pulls DNA to opposite ends of the cell in cell division process
  4. DNA in complex protein that condenses to form chromosomes during mitosis
  5. a membrane that controls the entrance and exit of substances, allowing some in while excluding others

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  1. microfilamentsrod of the protein actin or myosin that provides structural support or movement in the cytoplasm


  2. isotonicsolution with the same osmotic pressure as the solution with which it is compared..usually body fluids


  3. peroxisomesrodlike structure that condenses from chromotin during a cell's mitosis; the DNA of the cell


  4. mit-thread


  5. oncogenegene that normally controls cell division, but when overexpressed leads to cancer