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  1. exocytosis
  2. diffusional equilibrium
  3. telophase
  4. phagocyte
  5. hypertonic
  1. a stage in mitosis when newly formed cells separate
  2. b transport of a substance out of a cell in a membrane bounded vesicle
  3. c solution with a greater osmotic pressure than the solution with which it is compared...usually body fluids
  4. d the concentration of a substance becomes uniform throughout a solution; although random movements of individual atoms still occurs
  5. e cell that ingests particulate matter

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  1. series of biochemical reactions that allow cells to receive and respond to messages coming into the cell membrane
  2. combines endocytosis and exocytosis to selectively and rapidly transport a substance from one end of a cell to another or move substances across barriers formed by tightly connected cells
  3. an organelle composed of RNA and protein that is a structural support for protein synthesis
  4. cellular organelle enclosed by a double layer and containing DNA
  5. proteins that guide cellular movement within the body

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  1. microtubulesrod of the protein actin or myosin that provides structural support or movement in the cytoplasm


  2. cytoplasmfluid matrix of the cytoplasm


  3. active transportmovement of material through a membrane as a result of hydrostatic pressure


  4. receptor-mediated endocytosisselective uptake of molecules within a cell by binding to a specific receptor


  5. organellepart of a cell that performs a specialized function