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  1. Golgi apparatus
  2. diffusion
  3. osmosis
  4. vesicles
  5. chromotin fibers
  1. a random movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration toward one of lower concentration
  2. b diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane in response to a concentration gradient created by an impermeant solute
  3. c membranous sacs that vary in size and content that are used to transport substances into, within, and out of cells
  4. d DNA in complex protein that condenses to form chromosomes during mitosis
  5. e organelle that prepares glycoproteins for secretion

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  1. above
  2. organic molecule that stores energy and releases energy which may be used in cellular processes
  3. an organelle composed of RNA and protein that is a structural support for protein synthesis
  4. daughter cell of a stem cell that is partially specialized
  5. between

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  1. pinocytosisprocess by which a cell engulfs and digests solids from its surroundings


  2. peroxisomesorganelle that contains digestive enzymes; it is the "garbage disposal" of the cell"


  3. exocytosistransport of a substance out of a cell in a membrane bounded vesicle


  4. mitosisa form of cell division that occurs in somatic (non sex) cells and produces two daughter cells from an original cell. They are genetically identical


  5. chromosomescellular organelle consisting of two centrosomes; pulls DNA to opposite ends of the cell in cell division process